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extortion instead of computerization

hi Jason, 

the inability of E&Send Screenshots to remember that I have paid (over and over and over again} to unlock 'the special features' is unedifying, smacking of (presumably unintentional) opportunism. Please remedy that liability for your reputation's sake.


  • This is the first I've heard of this behaviour. Your donated status/settings are probably being deleted unintentionally. This can be done in various ways, clearing your Chrome data/cookies via the settings or files, installing "other" extensions which clear data/cookies, re-installing Chrome, re-installing my extension.

    In either case your donation is always remembered on my end and the extra features can be easily regained by referring to the "Already donated" link at the top right of the donation page.
  • Please note, I will gladly refund you immediately for all contributions you have made if we cannot determine the source of this issue.
  • thanks Jason, 
    please note this screenshot taken from my chromebook upon reading your reply 10 min ago.
  • Jason,
    After I'd written to you about the E&SSShot App  (which issue is prior conributions payment not recognized on my PCs x2, laptop x1, now also on my chromebook, yesterday during mbb dongle installation on the chromebook there was a powerwash. 
    NB I Admittedly I have installed many other chrome/webstore extensions, I'm wondering if I should de-install the google screensaver.extension but I'm guessing. I'll await your proposed troubleshoot advice.
  • So you seem like a power user like myself and generally we customize our OS/browser with may interfere or clear data that disrupts extensions such as myself. My presumption is that some  or one of your other extensions might be interfering with Chrome extension data. But obviously your Chromebook "powerwash"? will probably cause issues with saved chrome extension data. Regardless you can always click the "Already donated" link at the top right of the donation page (from which you sent me a screenshot)
    and you will regain access to the extra features, but I assure you this loss of settings/data is not intentional on my behalf. I actually remember everyone's donation and it's even backup on a daily basis.
  • Jason , I also have had younger onset dementia for past year or so, 
    its all all very confusing to me now but buying crying out for automation, surely? 
    :-) Thanks and Regards,
  • I'm not sure if it's relevant to your problems Ken but I lose my paid status routinely because Chrome doesn't sync my extension settings. I am able to recover the paid settings with the "Already donated?" link.

    See http://enil.us/1rgj9cR for the lengthy, painful saga.
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