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Chrome Icon Crossed Out

Hi, I've checked all the accounts that I've signed into, re-installed the plugin, and clicked around to resolve the issue and couldn't find the answer. Can you tell me why that Icon is grayed and crossed out? Thanks so much.


  • That's the image associated to that particular email contact, you can change that in your Gmail settings, just hover that email address and you change the contact photo.

  • So if I don't have that email sender in my contacts then it won't show a profile photo? Or are you saying that it pertains to my contact photo? If so, then I've had my profile photo set for years and don't need to change it.

  • Every contact can have their own default contact photo, but you can choose to override that contact's photo in your Gmail. If you haven't saved that contact, then this is that user's own contact photo for themselves, which they have might have changed or not through the years.

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