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Feature Request: Auto Refresh For Popout View

Hi Jason,

I always have the popup view open and next to my gmail on an external monitor so I can keep an eye on the day ahead. Would you be able to impliment a timed (Or better yet, push based) auto refresh for the popup view?

As it stands, I need to remember to refresh that view if my calendar changes otherwise things will be missing or incorrect. If it did that itself, it would be one less thing to forget :-)

Thanks for all the hard work!


  • I just tested and it does work with push based, can you refer to this for troubleshooting https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Push_Notifications

  • edited June 17

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the prompt response.

    The main add-on seems to push update fine but I'm talking about the pop-out view where the addon spaws in it's own browser window, not from clicking the extensions icon.

    This fully detached view does not appear to update unless you click the refresh button at the top right.

  • The test I performed was with a popout window of the extension. I tried creating and removing an event from Google Calendar and it was instantly synced in the extension popout window. Did you go through the troubleshooting list?

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