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Mimic certain functionality of Gmail phone app

Hi, I searched for this issue/suggestion but only found where someone mentioned it once.

I have been using Checker Plus for about 4-5 years and assumed that once I actually got things set up the way I wanted (yes, I have ADHD) I could use some functions I like about Gmail's app that native Gmail on the web doesn't (or doesn't appear) to have.

The main one I cannot find in your app, and which as far as I can tell has only been mentioned one time before, is the ability to open all inboxes at once in the pop-out tab of Checker Plus. I have some other features I want to use that are premium features, and I do intend to start contributing once I can (I'm currently unemployed due to health issues), but this is the main one I'd always assumed was available and which i can't find.

The other one, which I'm not entirely sure isn't due to me just not being able to find the option (whether or not it's under the paid option or not), in getting the Checker Plus pop-out, is getting the Primary and Forums stuff to show separately. I want to be alerted to all of them, but I prefer to read the Forum stuff all at once (I have all my Substack and Patreon stuff going there).

Thanks for your help!

(PS: Also, if it's not too much to also ask, I wondered if this forum software is widely available or if it's something you wrote, for a future project.)


  • Oh, whoops, I forgot to mention this, as well:

    I think this is because I have my text size larger in Chrome, but this is what the forum looks like, for me:

  • Ha, I just found another thing. I was trying to select multiple emails at once (because I knew what they would say from the subject lines) to just delete them all, but clicking the picture doesn't check them off the way I expected, but simply opens the email.

    It's find if your answer is that I'm expecting the extension to do too much stuff, I just expected all this because the pop-out looks like the Gmail app.

  • So there's a lot of good suggestions, the best approach is to identify one per thread and then others can comment or vote on it and I can easily prioritize them.

  • Okay, I will do that soon. Thank you!

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