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Detected Chrome 'alternative based browser' and not the stable channel of Chrome

Every day I get a message that there's a corrupt profile and I CheckerPlus can't log in to my Gmail accounts. When I try to correct it I get a message that I'm not on a stable Chrome channel, but I'm not (see screenshots). I'm on a Chromebook with the latest stable version of the OS.

My only option is to uninstall Checker and then reinstall it but it's too much of a hassle to do this everyday!

Any ideas?


  • Is the extension or website giving you the unstable error?

    Have you recently reinstalled the extension?

    For the corrupt issue in particular try this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Corrupt_browser_profile

  • Actually as soon as I install the extension I get the error message (see b ottom right of the screenshot).

    But then it works for awhile but after a little time, it disconnects from my accounts and won't let me connect again (that's when I get the corrupt profile message).

    I have now manually added my two accounts and am waiting to see if I get the corrupt profile message again.


  • Ok let's tackle this alternative browser issue, can you visit this page https://jasonsavard.com/test.php

    and copy/paste the results here.

  • useragent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; CrOS x86_64 14695.85.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/102.0.5005.75 Safari/537.36 --- {"brands":[{"brand":" Not A;Brand","version":"99"},{"brand":"Chromium","version":"102"},{"brand":"Google Chrome","version":"102"}],"mobile":false,"platform":"ChromeOS"} --- {"brands":[{"brand":" Not A;Brand","version":"99"},{"brand":"Chromium","version":"102"},{"brand":"Google Chrome","version":"102"}],"fullVersionList":[{"brand":" Not A;Brand","version":""},{"brand":"Chromium","version":"102.0.5005.75"},{"brand":"Google Chrome","version":"102.0.5005.75"}],"mobile":false,"platform":"ChromeOS"}

  • Ok great info, can you see if this site is still giving you the unstable message? but you'll have to clear the cache for this site, by hitting Ctrl+F5 while visiting this page or CTRL + Shift + R (for Chromebook I think)

  • Yes, I just reinstalled the app and got the same unstable browser message.

  • I didn't update the app yet, just my website, does this website still give you the unstable message after the clear cache.

  • Sorry, I don't understand which website you mean.

  • lol, this one you writing to me https://jasonsvard.com/forum/

    you had sent me a screenshot with the unstable message the bottom of my website, so I changed something and wanted you to retest to see if that message does not come up anymore.

  • Right. So it's the website that you get after installing the extension. I just removed the extension, cleared cache and then reinstalled and I got this screen and error message:

  • Ok excellent so the website is not reporting the error anymore, only the extension which I fix in the next update.

    Now for the corruption error can you refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Corrupt_browser_profile

  • Although none of the suggestions on the Corrupt browser wiki page work, what does work is to go into 'Manage extensions' in Chrome, turn off (disable) the Mail Checker extension, wait a few seconds and then re-enable it. Then, I just click the extension, refresh and it works fine again for a day or so?!

  • The next you get the currupt error can you send me a screenshot and also the error logs https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • Hi Jason,

    Here are the screen shots but I'm not sure about how to get the error logs.

  • Ok so it's definitely a corrupted profile, have recreated a new profile and removed the old one.


  • Unfortunately creating a new profile/user on a Chromebook and then moving everything to it is a lot of trouble since your Chrome profile is the basis of the Chromebook and everything is tied to it unlike a windows pc.

  • Hmm can you create a 2nd test one? Just to validate it's indeed the issue.

  • Okay, let me try that and see what happens.

  • I have the extension running okay on one of my Chromebook's users, but it is still a problem on my primary user. I uninstalled the extension and cleared sync data for Chrome. Reinstalling the extension works but I did get the using unstable channel message.

  • So you might have to google how to reset the primary user profile on a chromebook, because the issue does get resolved on a Windows machine by resetting their chrome profile.

  • So I did a wipe/restore of the Chromebook and it seems to be working okay now (although I still got that 'unstable version' message when I installed the extension).

  • excellent, yes i'll be resolving that unstable message in the next extension update.

  • Thanks for your help with this problem, and, for a great extension.

  • Good news the alternative browser issue should be fixed now in the extension, try forcing the update to v23.1.1 https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

  • Yes, I updated and did not receive the not stable channel warning. Thanks again.

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