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Unread foreground colour

I know we can change the background colour of the unread messages indicator but can we also change the foreground colour? Using Brave with a dark theme and it looks like this:

It's a bit difficult to read. :)


  • I'm not happy with Chrome's update either nothing I can do with the text color only the background, more info https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/7458/extension-area-counters#latest

  • Ahh, I didn't see that message. Understood, I will choose a different colour to make things stand out. Thanks, Jason!

  • Why is google doing that to us?

  • edited June 11

    I have the impression that the icons become smaller too. Is that right or it is just my imagination?

    Also, about the characters color, I still have the add blocking extension and a weather extension both showing white over gray/black, note board extension showing white over blue, tampermonkey showing white over red, so...

  • Finally to restore white over "red", pick the 7th red color from left top, that is down 7 in the first column.

    Maybe it isn't exactly the same red, but in fact I cannot see that much difference.


  • @Luis Ramalho Oh interesting, I think they did push another update and I guess Chrome changes the text color to better contrast with the background color. Can you send me a screenshots.

  • Hi I have a similar issue on Brave browser since the latest update I don't like how much harder it makes me squint to read the number now I wish it would just revert to like it was before hopefully.

  • @Neon Turtle Your best bet is to change the background color in my extension Options .. Button refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/7458/extension-area-counters#latest

  • edited June 11

    When I choose the 7th red color in the first column in the configuration. I come with this...


    Don't pay attention to the extremely high number of emails I didn't yet read. I must proceede to some gmail account cleanup.

    That way everything is fine for me.


  • Yes picking the 7th red is as good as it gets without a fix, thanks for the tip. Maybe we could get the same color pick for the mail icon then?

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