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Custom Event scheduling.

Jason has suggested that I make this request in the Forum and see if it gains any traction, enough for him to consider putting in the extra work.

Would people use being able to schedule calendar events in increments other than daily/weekly/monthly/yearly? I have a few events that happen on a 2-week basis, even three weeks, and an odd number of days between reminders, etc. I find the feature great for quite a lot of things, and to see it added to Calender Plus would be awesome.

I do not know how Jason would be notified of any interest, whether there is a voting system or posts with multiple replies get flagged or something, as I do not frequent forums as a rule.

Thanks, guys,

Neil :-)


  • Thanks for posting here, essentially you'll see from other threads that others will simply comment with more details or write +1. You can also the see the view counts of each thread, so all the combined activity leads me to prioritize requests.

  • I have the same problem with an event scheduled every two weeks. A custom scheduler would be awesome.

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