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multi accounts / several icons


I would like to have a different icon for each email account to see at a glance when and on which mailbox I received an email. And i can't upload the unpacked extention to install it twice "Failed to load extension"


  • Use the "Set account icon" in the menu to right the account bar.

  • I would like to do that, have 2 icons on my web browser at anytime without the need to click somewhere to see which account got the mail and with-out pop up

  • So unfortunately you can't have 2 instances of the extension installed. You could have 2 different Chrome profiles with an extension each or 2 different Gmail extensions.

  • I don't understand how I can get an icon for each of my two Gmail accounts I want to check and keep track of. :(

  • @Jenny Rarden It's not possible unless you install 2 different extensions, mine and another one. Chrome will not allow you install the same extension twice unless you have different Chrome profiles for each.

  • Right. What about the set account icons thing? The first screenshot in this thread?

  • @Jenny Rarden Yes, within the extension popup window you can set an icon for each account, just click the menu to the right of each account and the select "Set account icon"

  • Ohhh, got it. Okay, thanks!

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