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Ads appearing at the top of the inbox

I've updated to 5.8 but these ads are still appearing.

Apologies if this has already been reported but I couldn't find a reference to it.


  • These haven't reach my outlook version yet, outlook is probably rolling out this change to a subset of users like yourself, so I need to see them before I can act on them.

  • Thanks for the reply Jason, understood.

  • Assuming you want to see more of these (?) Only appearing in the "pinned" area, not new emails area.

    Any help appreciated.



  • @GavinNeilson Since my extension specializes in the removing the right side ad to regain that space, I recommend combing my extension with other ad blockers to remove the other ads inside the emails or above.

  • Thanks. Will look into it.


  • Just wanted to ad my two cents here. Jason's advice is spot on. I was seeing those ads in outlook.com also, same place in my inbox, and I installed AdBlock Plus, and without any extra filters it stopped them immediately (I might have had to refresh the inbox).

    Still, Jason's addon is great for eliminating not only the ad on the side panel, but the empty space in that panel as well. So thanks Jason for not only maintaining a great addon, but posting in support forums.

  • Oh shoot forgot--you have to block out the element with ABP. So it wasn't immediate. But easy enough to do.

  • edited June 28

    I started seeing this new ad a few days ago. I just installed AdBlock Plus and after refreshing outlook.com, the new ad is removed after 5 seconds but it leaves a blank space where the ad use to be.

  • Found this. Worked for me. Hope it can help.


    Squirrel 245

    Replied on June 24, 2022

    Hi Yogi1957

    If you activate the "FOCUS' tab (from your settings on the little wheel, activate the "Focus" tab), you will not get the ads at the top of your Inbox.

    When you activate the Focus tab you will then have 2 tabs: 'Focus & Other' and those annoying ads which used to appear at the top of your Inbox will then appear under the 'Other' tab which is better, as when they appear in your Inbox you may accidentally click on them and then you get more ads as every click generates another adv. Having said that, Microsoft is still a very good product & although it'll never be ad free, at least we can work around it.

    Hope this helps.


  • @Christopher Tom You can take that blank space by blocking the element within ABP.

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