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Cannot add accounts manually

Hello, I'm trying to add accounts manually, but I doesn't let me.

Settings - Accounts/labels - Add Accounts and stay signed in - Add account - Sign in with Google - I choose my account - I allow access - "Something went wrong" message (screenshot attached), when I press next it shows the same screen.

I tried to reinstall the extension but it loads all settings again it also does after I reset settings to defaults.

Can you help me somehow?

Thank you.


  • Does it do this for every account?

    Does the default auto-detect work?

  • I tried it with 4 accounts, same for every one. If I choose auto-detect then it works, but polling interval real-time is not available.

  • the settings not being reset is a bit weird, maybe try a new browser profile https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Corrupt_browser_profile

  • Thank you, I'll try.

  • I tried new profile and add one account, it works, so it looks like I'm gonna need to migrate to new profile.

    Thanks for help.

  • Only information...

    After some time I started to have the same issue, also with other extensions, then I found out why, it was the ClearURLs extension that removes some tracking parts of URLs and it probably removes also something that is needed to correctly log in with google account.

    Again thanks for the help, and also for your work.

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