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Notifications do not work at all

When setting up the extension, default notifications are correctly set up. However, when I try to add an even through the extension, the notifications shown are not the ones I've set. Also, after adding the event, the notifications appears entirely different on calendar.google.com AND on the widget itself.

So, I'm seeing 4 different notification (all attached):

(1) On widget settings [01.jpg] (it matches my current settings at calendar.google.com)

(2) When adding a new calendar entry [02.jpg]

(3) On the newly added entry AT widget [03.jpg]

(4) As it is shown on calendar.google.com [04.jpg]

Any solution?


  • Excellent details and screenshots.

    So one important thing is that all day events vs timed events have different notifications and on top of that there is a calendar API bug regarding all day event notifications not being recognized, see more info: https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/4551/all-day-notifications-not-showing#latest

    You did point out a bug in my extension (image 3) whereby "email" reminders are not displayed when you click on an event, only "popup" ones. I will be pushing this fix in the next update thanks to your feedback :)

    image 1: is showing "timed" event notification reminders

    image 2: is showing "all day" event notifications because you have the all day checkbox checked, if you uncheck it you will notice the "timed" event notifications will change the default ones for the associated calendar

    image 3: is showing the event notifications, but the calendar bug mentioned above is causing the issue for specific time "x" before an "y" days of event.

    All in all the main issues is related to "all day" events and the calendar API issue.

  • Thank you for your answer and for making such great apps!

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