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Is the "move to folder marks as read" gone or am I dreaming?

Hi, I think there was an option in the settings that when I moved a message to a folder, it would mark it as read, but I don't see that option anymore, and moving the messages, obviously, keeps them as unread.

Am I dreaming to think that there was such an option?

Please let me know

Thank you in advance


  • I don't recall this option, but I could queue it for development.

  • OK, good to know, so I AM dreaming ?

    Maybe I'm mistaken, but pretty sure before, when I moved the messages, I wouldn't see the labels as "bold" (meaning they have unread messages), but I might be totally wrong because, thanks to your amazing extension, I don't feel the need to check Gmail itself that much

  • Good news it's there in v23.1

  • That's indeed great news ?. Thank you for considering it and adding it. It'll be SUPER useful, for me at least

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