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Calendar checker button action not populating pop up/freezing extension

Hi Jason--

Congrats on your recent featured badges and Chrome Store recognition, you've created and continue to support some awesome products, thank you!

On a new Chromebook device, I'm experiencing an issue with the Calendar Checker button and loading of the calendar pop-up (preferred) window. When clicked, the pop-up window does not populate with my calendars, and instead shows a static blank calendar page and freezes the extension (none of the buttons within the popup window function). The button itself does show the correct time/next appointment notification, and if I hover over the button it shows my upcoming appointments correctly. However, if I restart Chrome and change the button action to either open Calendar Checker in a new tab or window, the extension functions just fine and loads all of my calendars/buttons function within the tab or window as normal.

I've uninstalled and reloaded the extension a few times to no avail, and thankfully the Gmail Checker pop up window/button action is functioning normally. ChromeOS/Chrome App seems all up to date.

Appreciate your assistance!


  • Can you send me any error logs from the popup window, assuming the freezing doesn't affect doing just that https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

    Has this issue always existed for you?

  • Thanks Jason, I'll copy into an email as the log seems to have some PII in it.

    This is the first time I've had an issue, but it's also on a new device/operating system, so I can't confirm if it was an issue earlier.

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