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Reordering my accounts

I have several email accounts and have signed in to all of them in the checker plus extension. I can see they should be able to be reorganized, but I cannot. Dragging them around doesn't work, it pops up a message that says to reorder the accounts drag them (which is what I'm actually doing) OR resign in, which I cannot seem to figure out. I don't even see a way to delete all the accounts and sign back in in the order I'd like them. I've even uninstalled the extension and reinstalled it but it remembers the accounts and the order they are in.


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    You should be seeing this message below indicating to either use the Add Accounts option or simply sign out of your Gmail accounts from the Gmail website and sign back in, in the order you want.

  • I clicked on the Add Accounts option and it only allowed me to re-add all the accounts. I did that this morning. I just had noticed on the "auto-detect" option that there are 3 horizontal lines that would indicate you could drag and drop accounts around to reorder them, and it allows me to drag them around, BUT they don't stay where I place them they revert back to their original location.

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    Auto-detect does not support re-ordering, only Manual Add, the horizonal lines are there to indicate that is possible, but that you must use option 1 or option 2 to do that.

  • Ok, thanks. I have reordered them

    by re-adding them. I was just thinking you'd added that feature as this indicates you had? Anyway, thanks.

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