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Space at top of Preview pane.

Hello Jason. A blank space has recently appeared at the top of the preview pane in my Inbox; it does not appear in any other folder of my Outlook app. The space appears to be the same size as one of message preview blocks: please attached document; the space is immediately above the "Kensington Arms" preview. I have tried reinstalling the app but it presists. I do not recall making any adjustments to the app that may have led to this. Can you please advise on a solution?

Kind regards,

Geraint Jones


  • thanks, I haven't been able to replicate this currently on my Outlook, they might be rolling out a change, i'll come back to this in a few days.

  • Many thanks Jason.


  • Hello again Jason. It seems that blank space at the top of the preview pane has now been filled by an MS ad, and the blank space is also back on the right side. I have been unable to remove them by reloading Outlook: they really are very tedious!!

    Kind regards,


  • @Geraint Jones You probably have one of the more popular ad blockers that outlook is detecting, try disabling your ad blockers, except for mine.

  • I've turned off Adblock Plus and Adblocker for Youtube but the problem remains:


  • Hello again Jason. The blank area at the right of the screen has now gone away, following your recent update...thank you. However, the blank space at the top of the preview pane is still a problem: it shows an ad encouraging me to upgrade to the paid version of Outlook, for about two seconds every time I visit my Inbox, then disappears (please see the screenshot below). Two seconds is of course not too onerous but the space the ad occupied remains blank the rest of the time, taking up a slot in my preview pane! Is there any blocker or hack you could develop to prevent this? I am sure I am not the only Outlook user who is suffering this, and we would all be very grateful....

  • I suggest you try combining my extension with other ad blockers that might tackle upper area better. I don't have any other precise recommendations at this point.

  • The preview pane has nothing to do with this, but I'm getting ads in the Inbox mail list. It appears on top of the mail list and first is an empty space, and within 15 seconds one ad appears; looks just like an unread email but with the little square with "Ad" inside, as in the screenshots previously posted on this discussion. Chrome Version 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (64-bit). I deleted and reinstalled Webmail ad blocker but no improvement. Thanks.

  • I'm sorry I thought this was the preview pane but yes what BS describes is exactly what happened, and is still happening, to me.

  • This has just started happening today on my Outlook as well. I have WAB and uBlock Origin installed and it seems like a combination of these two is partially working. uBO is blanking the advert at the top of the inbox, and WAB is stopping Outlook from complaining about me using an adblocker. If I disable uBO then adverts start appearing as the top entry in my inbox list. They appear to be a message, but if you click on them, they take you to the advertisers web page. This is presumably a sneaky way Microsoft has come up with to try and force adverts on us. I'm not sure WAB can do anything about this as they are 'hiding' in the inbox list (although uBO is having some success in blocking the element), but I guess I can live with the blank area at the top of the list - it's certainly better than accidentally clicking on the advert. Not sure whether anything more can be done about this.

  • Thanks for this Paul...does uBO block the advert completely or is there still a blank area at the top of the Inbox? In my case the ad appears after I move back to my Inbox after viewing another email folder; it is always an ad encouraging me to upgrade my Outlook account to the paid Premium version (see screenshot below). It then disappears after a couple of seconds, leaving a blank space behind, which is why I ask if uBO removes this as well?

  • No it does not. I think it is uBO that is turning the space blank in blocking the ad. Presumably it is able to hide the text of the ad but not remove the space that is left.

  • I guess these inbox ads are not under the purview of Webmail Ad Blocker.  I, like Geraint, get the blank area and then an ad appears. Different though, my ads are not about Windows but are targeted based on some Internet activity I had done. Different too is that the ad doesn't disappear on its own, but if I hover near the square that says "Ad," a rubbish icon appears. Click it, and the ad and the space disappear. Ad sequence returns if I close Outlook and return.  

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