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Stop pop-up window in full screen

I have followed all steps recommended in the forum to stop the pop-up notification from showing up as full-screen and interrupting my active window and no matter how many times I adjust the settings it doesn't remember to use the smaller notification size. How do I fix this?


  • Did you select the Rich notification option?

  • hi thanks- i will try this!

  • This results in the pop-ups that are the same as the native google calendar notifications, which are ineffective. They d@Jasonon't pop up on the active screen I'm using on my mac which causes me to miss meetings. I want a pop-up alert to show up on my active home screen that i can either click on or dismiss, that doesn't take up the entire screen or change the active window to the notification in full screen, so this isn't a solution. Essentially, I'm looking for Microsoft Outlook-style pop-ups for Google Calendar. Is there another option to prevent the pop-up notification window from being in full-screen mode?@Jason

  • I believe you are facing a Mac specific issue with a maximized window, can you try unmaximizing that reminder window?

    Can you also send me screenshot of the issue.

    And try toggling with this resize option below in the options.

  • I have resized the window probably hundreds of times by now, it doesn't reflect the change the next time a pop-up window is triggered. I have also tried both enabling and disabling "autosize popup window" with no change reflected. This is the full screen pop-up I see:

    I have been hitting ESC to exit full-screen mode, resizing the window, and then dismissing the notification for months with no change. I keep chrome in full screen mode all day as all of my work is done within the browser- i can't keep those windows minimized.

  • It appears I already had opened a ticket with the Chrome team here: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=668711

    which mentions explicitly the issue is triggered when Chrome on a Mac is in full screen mode. Unless Mac or Chrome does anything the only easy solution is disable the full screen mode.

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