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Draft mail not deleted

Hi. If I opened new message from CPG icon, entered some text ant than press dell icon, the message appear:

The draft have been changed.

Undo the changes? Ok/Cancel.

If you press Ok, than draft mail will not be deleted.

When writing new message from gmail itself all works as expected.

See the video: https://youtu.be/ZXH29kkgYbM


  • I wasn't able to replicate this is probably a Gmail compose issue because that compose window is completely hosted by Gmail. Try using Ctrl + F5 inside the compose window to clear the cache.

  • edited April 29

    You need to input some text and wait a bit to draft was auto saved (like in the video). And only then press del.

    If you press ctrl+f5 (after draft was saved) it will lost sync with gmail and will create a new draft...

  • Hmm you're right, and I realized if you clicked the 3 dots and select Default to full screen and then after click the Trash - then it does work?!

  • I think yes... But it's work only 1 time and a bit strange - the window will not be close on dell:

    But draft is really deleted :)

  • I tried googling, but I couldn't find the issue online.

    It's easy to replicate it, just open a new tab with this url: https://mail.google.com/?view=cm

    Let's keep this thread here and maybe others can help us.

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