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Checker Plus slows down computer and stacks up TONS of notifications when computer is asleep/off

Is there any way to disable Checker Plus when the computer is asleep or turned off? I flew over the holiday weekend and my computer was off for about 4 or 5 days. In that time, the Checker Plus notifications managed to stack up at least 26 meetings, so it seriously slowed my computer and internet down when I turned it back on, and took 3 tries to dismiss all the stacked up notifications once it started pulling them up, as they didn't all fit in one window. Really annoying, especially since the same happened on my work PC. I don't normally turn that one off, or get many notifications/events after 5pm, so it's less a problem there, but on my personal laptop it gets very annoying. Advice appreciated.


  • Sorry this happened, you can try this option...

  • Thank you! That sounds useful, I will enable that and see if it fixes it

  • So unfortunately, that didn't work. I've been trying it for about a week and I'll still get notifications stacking up throughout the day. If I don't acknowledge a notification, it'll stay up for 6 hours, the next day, whenever I hit the button on the popup

  • I'm on my work PC nearly every day, so there it isn't an issue, but it's incredibly annoying when I've had my laptop turned off for a few days. Normally I can boot up my laptop in 5-10 minutes, but with this add on stacking up notifications it slows down EVERYTHING and can take 20+ minutes just to pull up the internet, and then I get window after window of popups about missing meeting notifications from the past few days I don't care about and acknowledged/attended on my PC

  • I could recommend disabling the notifications completely then on that machine.

  • So the solution to the program spamming me is "don't use the program"? I don't want to uninstall Checker Plus entirely, there's a reason I downloaded it in the first place. It's useful during work hours. I just don't want it spamming me on weekends, nights and times when I'm in the meetings it's reminding me about

  • Understand that my users don't necessarily use the extension for notifications, they use the calendar dropdown to view their calendar and add events from any tabs. However, you could also use the DND feature


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