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Hi, I just installed and contributed a little yesterday. Playing with it more today, I've run into a few issues/questions...

Default calendar: I have this set to a particular calendar. The extension seems to respect this if I add something from the toolbar icon, or if I add something from the context menu and select a specific day/time. But if I add from the context menu and select "Set date/time..." then it does NOT pre-select the calendar I have set as my default (instead selecting my primary Gmail calendar). Is it possible to get this method to respect that default calendar setting? I'm likely to use this method often as it seems to be the only way (that I've found) to both automatically get the page URL in the description AND give me the ability to modify the title and/or description before submitting.

Slot duration setting: What is this supposed to do? I have it set to 15 minutes, but it seems that no matter which method I use to add an event, they're always 30 minutes, not 15. Perhaps I misunderstand what it's meant to do - I see now that it DOES affect the calendar view from the toolbar icon; perhaps that's all it's meant to do? In that case, is there a different setting anywhere that could set the default duration of added events?

Quick add from right-click: If I select text and use the quick add from the right-click menu, I get a popup that says "Error with last action - try using the quick add from the popup" - with a link that when clicked, suggests I re-install or reset the extension (which I have done and doesn't help). BUT, the event actually does get added to the calendar, at the current time. Is that what quick add from the context menu is meant to do - add it to the calendar at the current time? Or is that what the error is resulting from - am I supposed to get an opportunity to type something like "tomorrow at 7pm" or whatever, like I can in the quick add from the toolbar icon? (Using quick add from the toolbar icon works as I would expect - except it's for 30 minutes not 15 as mentioned - and does not give me the error popup.)

(I have uninstalled and re-installed the extension, as well as closed and re-opened Chrome, and seen no change in described issues.)


  • re: default calendar, great feedback, I seem to have forgotten to apply the default calendar to that link, I will be fixing that in the next update, thanks. Note you can always use the other options to add an event ie. Add to Tomorrow etc. and then click the added notification to subsequently modify the event details.

    Event durations are synced with your Google Calendar settings, so if you want to change that you must change them in your Google Calendar.

    re: quick add, can you send the text you are selecting when using the quick add and can you send me screenshot of the error.

  • Thanks re: #1 and #2!

    Re: #3 the quick add, it happens no matter what text I select on any page. For example using some random text from a Wikipedia page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog) - I select some text, right-click and choose the Quick Add option, then get that error, but the event is nonetheless added for today at the current time.

    Where it says "If this is frequent then click" is what leads to the suggestion to re-install or reset the extension, which as mentioned I did the other day and it didn't help.

    Although JUST now it stopped giving me the error ? - the last two days it was consistent, but right now I tested it a bunch of times in a row, and it only gave me the error the first 2 or 3 times and then stopped. Tried it on a few different pages with random bits of text selected, and no more errors. No idea why they stopped! Of course I don't know if that will be forever or if they'll come back at some point.

    Either way - whether it gives me the error or not - it sets the event for immediately (i.e. if it's 4:06pm right now and I do the right-click quick add method, it sets the event for today at 4:06pm and I get the calendar notification seconds later. Is that what it's meant to do? My assumption was that there'd be a prompt or something to give me the chance to add in day/time ("tomorrow at 7pm" or what have you), but maybe I just assumed wrong. :-)

  • Ok the next time the quick add error happens can you send me the error logs for the background: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • Ok good info, I'm wondering if this is related to changing the default calendar to a non primary calendar, I'll do some tests tomorrow, but your also welcome to verify that.

  • Ah ha, that seems to be it - if I change the default calendar to my primary calendar, then it works as I'm assuming is intended - creates an all-day event, with the typical notification that then links to the new event. No errors!

    Question/request, would you ever consider a setting to have this quick-add method (via right-click with text selected) set it to a user-selected default time other than "all day today"? E.g. I might choose "tomorrow at 8pm" as my default. (Of course I can change it after, but I'm all about finding the laziest possible way to do things!)

  • Ok good news that non-default calendar issue will be fixed in the next update.

    and I'll take note of your suggestion of default time and see if there are other similar suggestions.

  • Thanks for your help!!

  • Good news v29.1.5 has the fix for quick add/non default calendar, you can force the update with these instructions: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

  • Sorry for the delayed response! This does fix it on the right-click "quick add 'selected text'" method! For me at least though, with the right-click "Set date/time" method, it still selects the primary Google calendar rather than the one I have set in the extension settings as my default. (I can change it myself there, of course. But would be nice not to have to think about it.)

    Also one more question, sorry - if I add from right-click and use "Set date/time", then it pre-sets it to an all-day event. Is it possible to have it NOT default to an all-day event? Of course I can uncheck it, not the end of the world, but again, just trying to minimize the clicks/thinking. ;-)

  • i've queued for development the set date/time default calendar selection.

    for the non all-day, i'll have to think about it, as I will have to set a time, i'll take note of it an see what my own experiences are with it.

  • Cool, thanks!

  • Good news I've fixed this issue in the latest v29.2.1

    Now set date/time will take into account the default calendar selection.

  • Cool, thanks!

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