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Skins & Themes etc.

I believe you could make a slight change to some of the buttons, such as placing some of the Skins & Themes buttons next to the search. It would be easier for new users to locate items, and consumers would spend less time looking for them.


  • edited March 2022

    Actually the Skin & Themes are temporarily promoted to the top bar after a week, but then it returns under the vertical menu. However, if there is a new extension update that exclamation icon is also promoted to the same space in the top bar. I don't always place the Skin & Themes button to the top bar because it is an extra feature and not available to all. Does that make sense?

  • Yes, but I'm using skins and themes as an example. Perhaps you can add it later for some of the features that are already in place or those you intend to add.

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