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Google Tasks marked as complete on dismiss

Hi there,

Currently Google Tasks are being marked as completed when i dismiss their corresponding notification. Would it be possible to add an option to alter that behaviour? I often dismiss events in bulk, but don't want tasks to be marked as complete


  • Hmm interesting I don't really use Tasks much, but do you think this would be the popular opinion, ie. should I change the default behaviour for everyone?

  • I mean for me it certainly is counterintuitive that dismissing a notification completes my task.

    Actually it took me a while to figure out that your extension was causing my tasks to be marked as completed since I would not have expected this behaviour at all.

    I can't speak for everyone though :)

    Thanks btw. for the quick response!

  • I'm going to refer people to this discussion as I'd like to get more feedback on Task users. I'll most probably and option to change the behaviour, but you bring about the question as what should be the default one.

  • Hi @Jason I would second @Sebastian Adam 's suggestion. For me too, dismissal of a task simply means I don't want to get the notification. With this suggestion, I can use dismissal but would like to have the assurance the task is still open.

  • I'd have to also agree as a third on this. It confused me as well initially.

  • @Krishna R @Rich Heimlich Great feedback everyone, so the checkmark should only dismiss the notification. Should there be any "Mark as completed" action for Tasks as well on this notification window or that would be too much.

  • I agree with @Sebastian Adam @Krishna R and @Rich Heimlich that the checkmark should dismiss the notification only, and does not mark the task as complete. I turned off notification for the task portion of the calendar in your extension due to this.

  • Is there an update on this? I just tried to turn tasks on again in the extension, however dismissing the native Mac OS notification still seems to complete the task :/

  • I'm currently in the midst of doing a round of requests and bug fixes for the calendar extension and this one should be in it.

  • Thanks for the quick answer, really appreciate it!

  • @Krishna R @Rich Heimlich @John Foley

    Good news I've changed the behaviour in the latest v29.2.1.

    Tasks will not be marked as complete when dismissed.

  • Excellent work!

  • Is there any way to view Task's "on time" instead of all day task, like Google Calendar view?

  • @Paulo Couto No sorry there is a limitation to the API I am using, you can star the issue in this FAQ https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Google_Tasks

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