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Events at reminder list gone everytime a new month starts

Hello! Everytime a new month start the list of past events automatically disappears. Is there any way to recover/show those past events?

thank you!


  • To optimize resources the extension only keeps the reminder for ~30 days, however can you confirm that from one day to the next (when a new month starts) that any reminders for the day just before the new month disappear? Because the rule should be reminders that were set +30 days old should disappear only.

  • I see. Yes, I am not 100% certain, but the way I use Checker+ Calendar most of the time it ends up with almost all the reminders from the previous month fully erased from the list when the new month starts. Some events are not erased (maybe those that were created before 30 days...?)

    I want to ask: is there any way to 'hack' the 30 days rule, assuming the risk of overloading resources?

  • Ok thanks I'll queue this for investigation and I'll contemplate adding an option for +30 days.

  • Any progress on this Jason? The way I use Checker+ Calendar is that I keep reminders for as long as necessary. Today (1st September) all of my pending reminders have vanished. I'd prefer that they never vanish.


  • @Nic Joynson I'll bump this up given there's been few discussions on this. Such as this one also https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/comment/25700#Comment_25700

  • @Nic Joynson Good news this issue should be resolved in the latest v36.0

  • Thanks Jason.

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