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New Email popup using existing GMail tab

edited November 2013 in General
It seems that when I click a new email notification popup, the extension tries to use my existing GMail tab if there is one. But, it reloads the entire page. Is it possible for it to just open the email without reloading my entire inbox?


  • Interesting, it shouldn't be reloading your page. Can you tell me what the url of your Gmail window is before you open a mail and then what the url is after you load the mail.
  • Have you always noticed this behaviour?
    Does the the new notification link at least bring you to the email itself?
  • I just started using the extension about 30 minutes ago. 
    Yes, the link does bring me to the opened email. 

    Only other extension i have installed on this machine is Ghostery.
  • perhaps you can help debug for me...
    if you go to your gmail inbox can you tell me the url
    and then click/open any email in your email and then tell me that url also. (do all this without using any of my extension links etc.)
  • Hmm, so my logic should work because those links are similar, however I did notice a difference between my inbox url and yours,
    notice the extra "?shva=1" ...
    but anyways, i was wondering how you initially open your Gmail tab, do you click a particular link or visit a particular url?
  • currently, my gmail tab is opened by simply typing in gmail.com

    I noticed that as the tab is changing state to open the email, I get a little message that reads "Oops, Gmail has encountered a problem", with some error number in it. It goes away too quickly for me to read what it said.
  • Yes, I remember seeing the shva part way back in the day.

    I'm using the gmail tabbed inbox, if that matters. I also have some custom stuff on the left side like the chat window and calendar.
  • The problem code mentioned above is code #000
  • So i justed tested it out with a new Gmail test user and tabbed version, but it's working correctly on my end. I have noticed that once in a blue moon the tab does get reloaded and I can't figure it that out, but it definitely shouldn't be happening on every email load.
    and yeah that gmail issue not be helping our tests nor the custom stuff. If your willing to find the culprit, i would suggest disabling the gmail left side customizations and etc. and waiting for the gmail issue to disappear before testing again.
  • After rebooting the machine, I noticed that my inbox URL is https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?shva=1#inbox 

    What's more, your extension seems to be working correctly, and the existing tab simply loads the message.
  • Good to hear, thanks for letting me and others know the solution, these threads help me a lot.
  • Hi Jason,

    I've now installed your plugin on my main machine, and I'm running in to the same issue. when I go to gmail.com, my address doesn't have the shva part. It is simply https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox
  • Given a url without the shva, it will unfortunately have to reload if I my extension wants to open a message within that same tab. A solution perhaps would be to open gmail with perhaps this link https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?shva=1#inbox and maybe the shva will stick and allow my extension to not reload the page, let me know
  • OK, i can try this with a bookmark. The trouble is I like to open a fresh gmail.com tab using your extension, which doesn't appear to be adding the shva. It's possible that after restarting this computer as I did a week ago on another machine, things will run smoother.

    Cheers though, awesome extension.
  • FYI, apparently shva stands for Should Have Valid Authentification
    maybe this is a hint to either one of us about why this shva is not showing for you, have you tried signing and into your Gmail
  • Huh, i tried signing in and out, and from that page, went to my gmail via an icon. That time, it includes the SHVA. But, when i closed the tab and typed in gmail.com manually, I lost the SHVA. 
  • sorry, i was just brainstorming with you :) we might have to google why this is so, let's see if others join this thread as time goes on with some insight
  • No problem, troubleshooting is part of the job. What's weird about SHVA is.. .if gmail doesn't think i'm actually authenticated, why am I able to read my email? "Should" sounds really wishy washy and doesn't make me feel confident in google :)
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