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FAILED - Network error

I have uninstalled and installed the extension AND google chrome. But still, I can't save screenshots. Each time I get an error message stating Failed - Network error. Does anyone else have experience with this issue? Thank you.


  • Do you have other extensions installed? (that might be interefering)

    Have you tried from a different network?

    Are your screenshots particularly large?

  • The extensions I have installed, along with Explain..., are the same ones I have had on for a very long time. Nothing has changed on the simultaneously used and installed extensions.

    Yes. Same issue.

    No, rather standard SELECT a part of a screen and attempt to save to my downloads folder.

    GOOGLE Chrome

    Windows 11 System

    Microsoft Surface

    Nothing new or changed on hardware or apps used, etc.

  • So just for reference, software is always being auto-updated, even though you are not initiating the update. My extensions for example are updated every few months, so this is likely the same with other extensions that could suddenly break things. I would try disabling other extensions such as privacy, malware of anti virus that regularly block mistaken network calls etc.

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