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How much are your PayPal fees?

edited February 12 in General

Jason, I've been sending you micro payments over the years instead of one big contribution. I thought about contributing today via Bitcoin. I was surprised that the fee was only 3% for a US$5 contribution. I love Coinbase's fee transparency! I went ahead and contributed via PayPal but would like to hear from you about their fees. They are not transparent. I pay no fee contributing via PayPal. What does PayPal charge you when you accept a US$5 transaction? Does the percentage change if the contribution is $20? $10? $1 (one dollar)?

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  • Thanks for all the wonderful compliments. A while back I discovered

    PayPal had a micro payments plan that I enrolled into to lower the fees since most of the contributions are small amounts.

  • I'll ask another way. Do you prefer PayPal or Bitcoin?

  • Actually I like exploring new technologies so since you asked I would say let's go with Bitcoin.

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