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Kudos — everyone shout-out to Jason in this thread! End your post with a quote.

edited February 12 in General

Jason, I use CheckerPlus for Google Calendar. Today I began to enjoy your new integration with Tasks. Bravo! I starred the API issue [1] as you suggested.

I am a software professional with decades of experience. You are far and away the most competent and transparent developer I have run across. I take pleasure in contributing to your work! I was going to complain about your forum search box until I took the time to see that the top results are ads and that you do, indeed, have search narrowed to your own content. That is only one example of the delight I experience every time I interact with your code.

I will leave you with this quote (no agenda, I don't know what you call your customers): “Only two industries refer to their customers as ‘users’: computer design and drug dealing.” — Edward Tufte

[1] https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/166896024

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