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Email notification always displays twice

I have rich notifications set to show for 15 sec. However it always displays that on message arrival and then again a few minutes later. Is there a way to limit to just once? Thanks


  • I'm assuming you are seeing the return from idle notification, this might happen if you were idle while the notification initially came in (ie. watching a video or reading without mouse movements)

    This is done in presuming you might have missed the initial one.

    let me know if this is not the scenario.

  • I think it is but keep in mind I'm actively using my pc/chromebook with other apps/web so it would be nice to just have it show once

  • ok i've queued this for development to add an option to disable this.

  • much thanks...rough idea when avail?

  • at approximately every 2 month intervals I pushed a batch of features and fixes for each extension on their own cycle

  • wondered if you had time to address this yet? thanks.

  • edited May 1

    I haven't, I had a big redo of the code in the last update that took a lot of time.

    But it's still in the queue.

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