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Newly added calendars

Not Seeing the newly added calendars

Did reloading of settings from ADMIN

Any thing additional to be done?


  • First thing is you need to update your browser it's a really old version.

    Then try double clicking the refresh button in the extension calendar window.

  • I'm using OPERA and sometimes FIREFOX, and of-course sometime CHROME also,

    for different purposes.

    All browsers are up-to-date.

    Is there any issue using non-chrome browsers?

  • Also, is there any option to do bulk operations like,

    moving set of events from one calendar to another calendar?

  • Looks like REFERSH is working - THQ

    By next week, I will be part of your growing membership Team!

  • edited January 16

    @RAMAMURTHY PATHURI I do support Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Brave currently.

    For moving several events like import/export I might refer you to Google Calendar's support instead. Glad the refresh worked.

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