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Issue with latest chrome

Since updating to latest Chrome on OSX, I'm having an issue where Gmail Checker seems to be aborting the loading of the very first url for the that Chrome window.

For example, I open Chrome and immediately start typing a url into the address bar and hit enter. Whilst this takes place, Gmail Checker is showing it's busy icon while it checks my 5 inboxes.

Chrome then aborts loading, and the address bar is reset back to empty. It also does this if you just click the Home button (it aborts that in the same way).

The problem doesn't occur when..

  • Gmail Checker is disabled
  • I wait until GMail Checker has finished checking inboxes before pressing Home button or typing a url

Other Info..

  • The problem didn't occur on previous Chrome (I was on latest version prior to this new version)
  • Gmail Checker has also updated itself in the past day or two I think. It was also happening prior to this update.
  • Gmail Checker seems slower than before when checking inboxes. Not sure if this is related, or simply means the problem always existed but is now much more noticeable.
  • Very occasionally I will click the popup and it is showing an error at the bottom (`ChromeTTS.stop is not a function`). I've never seen this error until I started having this issue, so might be related


OSX: 11.6.2 (Big Sur)

Chrome: Version 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Gmail Checker: v22.10


  • Have you tried reinstalling the extension?

  • To be honest, I hadn't but I have now. Still seeing the same issue.

    As a sidenote, it would be great to be able to export and import your options via JSON. The Admin->Load/Save feature never works for me... I guess it's more designed for migrating, rather than restoring after deleting/reinstalling extension

  • So it would seem by your analysis although my extension is involved it was before my extension update and after a Chrome update?

    and it looks like a race condition with a network bottleneck of sorts.

  • Sorry Jason, you can ignore all of this. It appears to be a general Chrome issue

    It does happen way more often when Gmail Checker is enabled, but after disabling your extension I've now since seen it a couple of times in the past few hours

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