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Quick Add Date Format

The quick add feature works great most of the time, but I've noticed it seems to default to the US date format regardless of the user's chosen format or language. E.g. 'Dinner at 7pm on 10/7' sets the event on the 7th of October. However, using '13/7' for example does set it correctly with the British format. Is there a way to get it to consistently use one date format or the other?

I've played around with google calendar's language, time zone, and date format settings but the issue persists. This seems to be the case even after multiple browser/extension resets and on different machines. The extension says it gets the date format from Google calendar itself - it is perhaps possible to include a setting to override this to fix this issue?



  • I'm just realising that the latest reply from google with regards to the parsing api is from 2020, 4 years after the original issue was creating (https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/36760350). I don't suppose there's a way around the parsing api? Or perhaps a way to way to fix its parsing in post?

  • The best approach would be to star that issue and hope for the best or else it would require me to develop parsing logic which I've avoided doing thanks in part already to this API.

    Thanks for finding the issue and listing here as others can find this also.

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