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Request: 1 email notification at a time

Hi Jason,

Could you please add a feature (or advise me how to achieve it with the existing settings) to only show 1 email notification at a time? Right now, the notifications often show several emails and the archive button on the notification indicates that it will archive multiple emails, "archive all".

When I test the notifications in Checker Plus settings, it only shows 1 email, which is exactly how I want it to look every time.

Thanks for any assistance!



  • Just managed to grab a screenshot.

  • Interesting so there is no option for that as it would seem you are receiving multiple emails per the default polling period of 30sec. Or at least perhaps on the start of your browser or machine. Either way I'm not sure what alternative solution would be to only announce the last unread email and ignore the new ones also?

  • It's likely due to me receiving POP3 emails from a different provider into Gmail (seems to check around 10-30 minutes).

    That's a shame there isn't a way to fix it. I was thinking perhaps the notification could just grab the 'top' unread entry in Gmail if a batch of new ones pop up during the 30 second polling. I'm not a dev though, so this may not be possible with the API calls or such.

  • I'll take note of this and wait for more noise on this subject, but this would be the 1st time this has been brought to my attention.

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