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Calendar popup notifications on Chrome and Windows 11

Is the calendar popup notification expected to work on Chrome and Windows 11? When I try the test one from the Chrome extension options page it displays fine, but popups are not displaying for calendar events.


  • They should.

    Are you using the default popup window or the rich notifications?


  • I am using the default popup window, not rich notifications.

  • So the simplest test is create an event 1 minute from now using the popup window and we'll assume your calendar has default notifications enabled for "0 minutes before the start of the event. You should see badge on the calendar icon indicate that next event and in 1 minute you should get a notification. If you don't we'll investigate your calendar notification settings.

  • Yes, I had done a few similar tests and just did another few. No notifications were received. I am receiving notifications on another computer (Windows 10). I also see that if I hover over the calendar icon in the Chrome extensions toolbar the new events I am adding are not appearing there. I see recurring events that I scheduled a while ago, but not the new ones I added to my Google calendar today. The calendar icon is showing 4pm for the next event, but there are a few test ones that I scheduled before that.

  • Ok so let's resolve the root cause which is not seeing the events on the hover, because that indicates they are not being registered or synced with my extension in the first place. Have you tried adding an event to your google calendar and then clicking the refresh button in my extension popup window to force the sync. Then see if it appears in the hover.

  • OK, I just tried this. Yes, forcing the sync by manually refreshing does result in popups appearing for past events. Any events added without doing a manual refresh do not appear.

  • Ok so the syncing mechanism is delayed, one quick resolution sometimes is simply to restart the browser. Give it a try and then do another test event and see if it syncs automatically after a few seconds (without the refresh)

  • Still no luck after a browser restart (restarted my computer). It was all working fine until I upgraded to Windows 11 yesterday. The popups are fine, but the automatic sync is not working.

  • Ok good to know, so last resort we can try reinstalling the extension.

    Just curious are you testing with your main google calendar?

  • Yes, main google calendar.

  • Yes, after removing and reinstalling the extension everything works fine. Thanks Jason.

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