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Pop down window (both gmail and calendar) doesn't work in Windows 8.1 on HiDPI machine

I just upgraded to a windows 8.1 lenovo yoga 2 pro computer with 3200 x 1800 resolution. The chrome extensions seem to be working with the exception that neither one shows up properly when I click on the icon from the tool bar.  I just get an outline of where the box should be. Not sure if it is a W 8.1 problem, a hidpi problem, a chrome problem, an extension problem or some mix. I do have the hidpi flags checked for chrome and (most) everything else seems to work properly.image


  • I would definitely start with reseting any Chrome flags to their original state and maybe re-installing the extension and restarting the browser.
    Do your other extension popup windows work correctly?
  • I never click on other extensions so I had missed that they all looked the same when I click them. It is definitely this flag causing the problem for all extensions. I hope they fix this soon because choosing between lo-res and working extensions is no good. Thanks for your quick response.
    HiDPI Support Windows
    If enabled, application size and layout will adapt to the operating system's DPI settings. #high-dpi-support
                       DefaultEnabledDisabled                 "

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