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Option to mark event as Busy or Free

Is there a way that you can mark the event so that others see you as busy or free? I use Google to leave myself reminders but need them free so others can create a meeting during that time


  • This was has been suggested a few times, so I will look now prioritize it for development, I just didn't want to initially clutter the create event dialog box.

  • Understood. Even as a dropdown. I use the checker for work and two main things missing are the busy or free option and the option to see when other invitees are free on their calendar

  • Hi,

    I need it too and would like to know if you can put an event in busy mode by default?

    This is a big problem for me because i use booking calendar synced with google calendar and people see all day as free

    I have to go back to google calendar to change event to busy for all events.


  • @Stéphane EXOS Thanks for the feedback it's in my queue, note I just pushed another series of features and fixes recently, most likely this feature will go into the next update after that.

  • Perfect,

    Thank you for your reactivty

  • Hello, on my pop out it shows my work calendar events as "busy". On my google calendar settings I do have it set so that other people see my work events as "busy" but on my checker pop out I would like to see the names of the events.


  • @Colleen Wagner Is your Google account that you granted access to in the extension the same as the one of those "busy" calendars?

  • Please please add this. Just installed and went to make an entry and it was the first thing I was looking to tick because my meeting was tentatively scheduled but not definite.

  • Hi @Jason,

    I'd like to vote for the free/busy feature request also. A suggestion to minimise space; since you've confirmed to be incorperating default visibility, maybe combining these two features into 1x pull down menu:

    • Free/Busy
    • Default/Public/Private

    Thanks for the excellent plugin!

  • @BrunoMarion thanks for the suggestion, good news the busy/free feature request is being rolled out in the next update.

  • @Adam Cohen @Stéphane EXOS @A R @BrunoMarion Good news the free/busy option is now available in the latest v29.5

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