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Popup window look and behavior

Hey Jason,

First of all, thank you for this awesome extension! I was using it in Chrome and some time ago I moved to Vivaldi. There are not that many issues with Checker on Vivaldi. But with the latest Vivaldi version for Linux (5.0.2497.24) and the latest extension version (v.28.2.1) I started to have issues with the popup window:

  1. This window is not treated as a "popup" by Vivaldi anymore. Meaning it has no popup CSS class added to the browser window. It makes the window look different if some specific styling is applied for popups. I had some custom styling for Vivaldi popups because, by default, this window includes all the control elements (e.g. the address bar, the bookmark bar, the side panel, etc). But now this doesn't work because the popup window has no specific CSS class anymore and doesn't differ from the main browser window. Maybe something has changed in the way popup windows are open programmatically in Vivaldi...
  2. Most probably, this is related to the previous one. The Google Meet links (if it's a reminder for a meeting) started to open in the same window (the popup one) and not the main browser window. It wasn't like that a few days ago, so it's definitely a new browser or extension version issue.

Here is how the popup window looks like (red areas are added by me to hide sensitive information):

I'll be grateful if you can help to investigate this issue and find a solution. Maybe this is not the extension issue and I can create a ticket for Vivaldi if I know more details about how the extension opens popups. Or maybe you could find a workaround for this and implement it on the extension side.


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