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Event name no longer speaking

I'm not sure what has happened but the voice annoucements ( like "Make shadestones" ) is gone. It does show the pop up now that I've redone all the configuration settings. But the voicing of what the name of the event is is gone.

I've tried using "native" and that gives some male voice which is not how it was before the recent update.

Setting like this results in no event name announced.

Setting it this way gives a gravelly guys voice instead of matching female voice like before.

I loved how it was before.. How can we put it back?


  • So the voices are handled by your OS/browser and can different greatly and even between OS/browser updates. Can I ask which browser and version you are using?

  • Version 98.0.4736.0 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

    I can try standard chrome if you wish?

  • Yes please because I don't support the beta or dev versions.

  • Just tested it both with "native" on and off and does the same thing. Uses a very quiet guys voice for the actual name of the event.

    Chrome is up to date

    Version 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    What I'm used to is the ladies voice ( first setting ) states "reminder" and then states the name of the event. It's been this way for many years.

  • I just tested it and it works for me, I used a google voice, always speak and clicked the test button. You can always also create a test event 1 minute from now and wait for it.

  • ok, changing the "sound notification" to a sound instead of voice addresses the issue.

    The voice in "Sound Notification" is the voice I had for everything before.

    Is there a way to get that voice back?

    Thanks for working thru this. I know your a busy man.

  • I can only reiterate that the voices listed are those detected on your OS/browser, so they may change with their updates.

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