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Mail list (inbox) is empty when no unread mail.

Hello! Thanks a lot for your amazing work!

Maybe a little improvement is possible.

If there is at least one unread letter, clicking on Gmail Checker icon opens a bubble with my inbox - both read and unread letters.

And it is super convenient - I don't have to open Gmail tab every time I need to check some detail, I can just do it right in the bubble. But after the last letter is read, the bubble just shows empty - no access to mail at all, only account names.

Is it some kind of technical restriction, or is it possible to fix? Or maybe I just didn't find the option in settings?


Regards, Nikita


  • Refer to the 2nd option here and set it to the Open Gmail for Mobile also.

  • Weird... I believe I've played with this option some time ago, and I'm pretty sure it didn't work the way I needed. But now it works like a charm!

    Thanks a million!

    Best, Nikita

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