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How to only view one month (rather than date range)


My Google Calendar recently updated and now it doesn't show an entire month (eg starts on Nov 1st and ends like Dec 5th which fits the whole month nicely). Instead, it shows a date range (currently 21 Nov - 25 Dec).

I can change it so that the first date on the calendar is not today (eg I can set the default first date to be -2 weeks ago to show all of November) but this means I need to manually change it every week just to be able to see the whole month of November.

When I click next/previous month, it is able to skip straight to the beginning of the next month and display the whole month. However, there is no option to be able to see that when I immediately open the extension. Not sure why this happened as it worked perfectly before but has seemed to change now.

What I see:

Note how the viewable date ranges are 21 Nov - 25 Dec instead of JUST November.

What I want:

See how I am able to see ALL of January 2022 and Dec/Feb are faded grey.

How can I fix this? I've tried all the settings on the extension and on Google Calendar. I've changed the number of weeks in custom view, the default date and first date, weeks in a month etc. and it doesn't seem to work.

Would really appreciate a solution, it's been annoying me ever since it randomly updated. Again, thank you for your work Jason, you are a godsend and I love this extension.

Thank you,



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