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Dual Monitors + PDF no longer working

Hi there,

I use this extension every day, thank you for making it.

I recently got a new monitor and now when I have 2 monitors the extension does not allow me to snip from PDF files anymore? When I open a PDF in chrome using 1 monitor it would work, but now with 2 monitors it doesn't.

I click the button to take a screenshot and nothing happens, usually the page would grey out so you can select.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no luck.


  • Does the issue only happen with PDF files? does it work when taking a screenshot of a website?

  • Still works with websites, but not PDF files.

    Is there a way to log what happens and show you?

  • Hmm are these PDF files opened within a browser tab? or are they opened separately such as in another pdf software ie. Adobe

  • They're opened in Chrome.

    It used to work, as soon as I added the new monitor it started giving issues.

    I'm running windows 11 if that info helps.

    I'll try unplug the one screen and try again to see if it reverts back to normal.

    Will reply in this thread

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