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Firefox extension stopped at 7.7.2


I 've just noticed that my extension stopped at 7.7.2 only in Firefox.

In Chrome I have the 8.1 and even forcing the update nothing changes.

Can I do somthing about it?

Thank you


  • Reinstalling the extension should do the trick.

  • I've already done it Jason.

    To a deeper sight it seems stopped at 7.7.2 even at

    the Firefox extension marketplace.

    Hope this helps.

  • Ok I've pushed the latest version 8.1.1 to the Firefox store.

    Try updating again, and if you see the issue give me more details it.

    Maybe a screenshot.

  • Thank you Jason,

    now when I force extension upgrade it worked.

    I have 8.1.1 now.

    Keep up the good work man! Thank you!

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