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Notifications all duplicated & do not open correct account when clicked

I don't know what changed, but overnight every notification I get from Checker Plus happens twice, about 10 to 20 seconds apart. If I'm AFK and receive 1 new email while I'm gone, 2 identical notifications for the same message are waiting (I allow them to linger indefinitely until dismissed).

I have verified that Recycle & Repeat Notifications are turned off. I have removed & reinstalled the extension after a restart. The issue persists.

Simultaneously, I've now noticed that when I click on a Notification (set to open Gmail in a new tab), it always opens the oldest message from recent notifications, even if it's from an entirely different Gmail account than the one I clicked on. For example, if I have 3 notifications waiting, 1 each from accounts A, B, & C, I might dismiss the notification from Account A that is on top because I don't want to read it right now. But if I then click on the Notifications for the messages from either account B or account C... the message from Account A whose notification I just dismissed is what will open in the Gmail tab. Whether subsequent notifications are from the same account or a different one... the message that is opened is always the one from the 1st Notification, not the message from the Notification I actually clicked on. This has persisted through reinstallation as well.


  • re: duplicate notification: my guess is you might have several chrome profiles that have the extension installed, or you are getting system or native Gmail notifications as well as my extension notifications.

  • I was totally ready to refute you on that, but you turned out to be right.

    I would've sworn I'd removed that extra Chrome profile, but I hadn't. I would've bet I hadn't installed Checker on it way back then, but an old version was there. I removed it and now I only get Notifications once.

    I'm not sure if I was actually seeing the weird behavior regarding which account & message would open when clicking on Notifications. As of now it seems to pretty consistently open the Inbox of the account from the most-recently-open Gmail tab, which would make sense.

    I was certain that messages were being opened directly (full, individual message display, not the Inbox), and in the wrong account for the message I'd clicked on, but I can't seem to reproduce that now. Maybe that's what the settings were from the extension in the other profile. Either I was mistaken or it was related and is now fixed, I guess.

    Thanks very much!

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