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Bug? Same Notification Keeps Appearing After Dismissing

This doesn't happen all the time, but some appointment notifications aren't truly dismissed after I dismiss them. I'll dismiss the notification, then anywhere from 5 seconds to several minutes later, it will appear again, but it doesn't play the notification sound; that only happens the first time. A notification for the same appointment has popped up 5 times since I started typing this discussion. The appointment exists in my primary calendar.

I have a notification set up in Google Calendar for each of my appointments. Could the fact that I also have notifications set in Checker Plus be contributing to the problem?

I've included screenshots of my settings. I hope they help.


  • I see you are using rich notifications, can you try clicking in the middle of the notification to bring up the reminder window and then click the checkmark to dismiss the event.

    Also I'm curious if this is the only event causing you this issue?

  • Your suggestion about clicking the notification and dismissing them that way works.

    The error was happening on various events whether they were one-time appointments, repeating events, or events from another calendar


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