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How to do different notifications for different account?

I'm a contributor. How do I set up different notifications for different accounts?

I tried doing different notifications in the Accounts/labels tab. The first account works fine but the second account seems to be combining the notifications from the first account with the ones set up for the second accout.


  • They should be different setups, can you confirm this for sure, and then maybe send me screenshots of the configuration. Note you can do tests by sending yourself emails to those accounts.


  • I've blurred out the email addresses but the first account is on top and the second is at the bottom. The second (bottom) still keeps speaking the "Hear Email" from the first (top) even though it's "Off."

  • Ok thanks for the details, I will queue this for investigation.

  • Any update on this, Jason?

  • edited October 2021

    No, I usually go through the list of bugs every month or so unless there is a lot of noise around one particular issue and it's visibility, then I will prioritize it immediately. I also just went through a large round of enhancements and fixes.

  • I just tested this today and it worked for me. I did not year any voice for the 2nd account. Then I tried enabling the voice and I heard it. My suggestion is to try reinstalling the extension.

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