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I just donated to add my email greeting

I have my greeting in both mp3 and wav, which I used to use on my laptop. Prior to donating, even if I included my greeting it would default to the yhoo greeting. Now all I get is a "ping". I've closed the browser and Chromebook and rebooted. Same results. Is this a Chromebook issue? If so, and it won't work, I'd appreciate a refund.


  • Hi Myron,
    It's possible that you've pre-selected a sound notification (ping) for a specific label (inbox). Go into options - accounts / label and see if that's the case. 
    I hope this helps. If not, let me know and I will be happy to issue a refund.
  • I had already viewed the suggestions on your site, and just verified that the condition is the same. For label input I have my very short mp3 but it plays the yahoo "you got mail" which I really don't like or any other noises that are provided.  sure would like other options!
  • Sorry you're still having issues. Please send me the transaction confirmation ID for the donation and I will issue a refund. More info on confirmation ID here http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Confirmation_number
  • I have refunded your donation. I normally work through these issues, but I could not fully understand this one so I thought it simpler to just refund you.
  • Thanks. My preference would have been an easy solution so that I could have had my own email notice.
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