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mark all as read

the mark all as read button don't do anything...

just opens new tab with instructions to do ut on gmail


  • There are several actions to choose from when you want to mark all as a read, one of the buttons will mark up to 10 emails as read, the other one will open the instructions to mark more than 10 as read.

  • So you can't actually mark all as read right in the addon?

    :\ I get lots of emails and this would be helpful

    I actually donated just for that feature

  • Yes you can mark emails as unread I do it all the time :) But only up to 10 emails at the time due to network issues. If you get too many unread emails refer to these solutions: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Too_many_unread_emails

  • Yes but when I need to use it I have more like a 200 unread emails 😕

  • So I advise you to use the Gmail filters option noted in the instructions, not even my extension can help you with that level of emails I'm presuming promotional or spam.

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