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list of historical updates

The desktop pop-up is nice...good work. But I usually get several at a time such that clicking on one pop-up erases all the other pop-ups. I'd like to go back and view all updates.




  • The keyword you are looking for is "changelog" it is found all over my website :) including right at the top right here in the navigation bar of my site ;) http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Changelog
  • Sorry- I see how the title of my post could have confused you. I'm not looking for a historical list of updates to the Chrome extension itself (which you have so eloquently designed). Rather I'd like to see the updates to a Google Drive folder of which I'm Sharing. For example, my Google Drive Checker icon currently has 105 updates- how do I view each update?
  • Hi Mike,
    Sorry for the misunderstanding. To see revision history, you have to go directly into the document in the drive - file - see revision history. Unfortunately my app does not list these revisions.
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