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Feature Suggestion: Time Suppress


I use your application every.single.day. and I should send you another chunk of money as I would be lost without it. I have a feature suggestion that would make my use (and perhaps others) more pleasant.

I use the 15 minute event functionality a lot. I can get a bunch of 15 minute events together and it looks like this:

Obviously there is not enough room for the start time, end time and description in the window. The feature option I would like is to turn off the times. I can see from the Y axis labels when the events are. I don't need the time - I need the description more. If it was on the general tab and by default, on, then folks like me could turn it off and get more description and less time.

If this same functionality is available via skin or theme, please advise!

Thank you!


  • Can you send me a similar screenshot of how the Google Calendar website handles this, perhaps I can steal some ideas.

  • edited October 6

    Here is the same section from Google calendar on Android not showing times.

  • edited October 6

    Here is the same section from Google calendar on Chrome browser. They look to put the times after the event. I much prefer there not be times at all as the option.

    What else can I share to help?

  • and what about on the google calendar website?

  • Sorry, I must have misunderstood. The post at 1:08 is from the Google Calendar website using the Chrome browser. I clipped it from the page. The url begins https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/...

    If you can point me to the site you want me to share, I will!

  • ok thank you for the screenshots, i'll queue this for investigation and figure the best way to improve this.

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