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Notification without buttons

I am using Edge (94.0.992.38) and the notification buttons don't work anymore even though everything worked fine before.

I've tried resetting/reinstalling the extension and to force-update it but I couldn't fix anything.

I've also noticed that in the settings page for the extension I can't enable the "Run in background" options anymore because it's saying that the functionality is not supported even though this also worked in the past and I also have other extensions already running in the background when the browser is closed.

How can I fix this?

Thanks for you help


  • I just tested it on Edge and it works, can you reinstall the extension and restart the browser.

    And then let me know which action button on the notification is not working.

  • I tried reinstalling the extension once again and sadly nothing changed.

    With "not working" I actually meant that the buttons aren't even showing (the "Rich notification" option is acting like "Text notification")

    I've also tried installing the extension on another machine and event there I can't get the buttons to show (also running the latest version of Edge).

    Lastly, I tried installing Chrome and apparently the buttons are showing just fine with it.

  • edited October 4

    Can you go to the extension page edge://extensions/

    then click the link "Background page" beside the Gmail extension and go to the Console tab and execute these lines and let me know what it returs;



  • false

    '[{"brand":"Chromium","version":"94"},{"brand":"Microsoft Edge","version":"94"},{"brand":";Not A Brand","version":"99"}]'

  • ok thanks good info, can you also execute these lines...




  • false


    'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/94.0.4606.71 Safari/537.36 Edg/94.0.992.38'

  • ok how about this one:


  • This one returns true

  • and which Gmail extension version are running on Edge?

  • Version 22.8.1

  • edited October 4

    hmm ok can you try executing this line, this time without the ()


  • isChromium () {

        return this.findBrand("Chromium")

           && !this.isEdge()

           && !this.isFirefox()

           && !this.isSafari()

           && !this.isOpera();


    isEdge() is returning true

  • ah ok so this is old code or at least not my latest version, have you restarted the edge browser completely - try restart the computer - because it's possible the run in background prevented the full update.

    thanks for keeping up with me and sending me the details., ok i have to offline for a little bit, i'll be back to debug this later.

  • I've also tried to delete the extension files manually but this still happens but I'll see what I can do.

    Thanks a lot for your time!

  • Sorry to bother again, but restarting and reinstalling didn't fix the issue, so is there any other way I can fix this?

  • So the issue seems to be in the update mechanism of the extension in Edge, lastly I would say to try reinstalling Edge - as I'm currently not getting any other reports of this issue.

  • I've checked on another computer and on a virtual machine and the issue persists; I even compared the functions between chrome and edge and they appear to be the same (DetectClientClass).

    I don't know if this only happens to me but every Edge version I tried have both the "Microsoft Edge" and "Chromium" items in the user agent brands array; this way the isChromium function will always return false with Edge.

    I tried to just force the function to output true (by re-defining it in the console) and with that the buttons in the notifications came back.

    Is there nothing I can do to fix?

    Either way I don't want to take too much of your time and thanks again for your responses.

  • I just tested it again by installing the Gmail checker v22.8.1 from the Edge store.

    The DetectClient.isChromium should return the following below, notice there is no isOpera line in this code and this is the correct one.

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