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Slow working

Checker is working really slow


  • Now it works fast.

    I did these steps:

    1. Reinstall extension.
    2. Close Chrome.
    3. Delete cache files.
    4. Clear junk using CCleaner.
  • Great, FYI I don't recommend using CCleaner, it is known to cause other conflicts with Gmail cookies required to know your sign in status etc.

  • You mean that you would have to login again or something?

  • edited October 4

    Essentially CCleaner or or cookie clearing tools can affect the extension's auto-detection of signed in accounts - i'm just putting it out there in case you do see problems down the road.

  • So I should enable auto detection?

  • Auto-detetion is the default of the extension, but if the extension has been working fine before for you then you can ignore this.

  • About cache/slow working, you said disabling cache wil help, so maybe you cache same emails when they are not readed infinitely?

  • @Hamcio Official it's a complicated mechanism, but this particular issue is related to the browser storage files itself because in fact i am caching the emails, but those cache files get corrupted sometimes from the browser.

  • So probably something like that is happening, maybe remove cache, try to fix existing ones or remove corrupted?

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