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Undo dismiss all

I just accidentally dismissed all of my reminders and just as I released the button realized that there were a bunch of reminders hidden by the scrollbar. Could you add an undo feature for "dismiss all?" It could be a trashcan/buried in the UI/etc.

One thing that would have prevented this inadvertent click would be to allow the pop-up window to grow eliminating the need for a scrollbar until the screen is filled. Or you could have a visual indicator that there are more reminders hidden, or have the dismiss all optionally only dismiss the visible reminders.



  • interesting, i like the dismiss only visible reminders solution, i'll queue it for investigation.

  • edited October 2021

    After investigating this, the undo is not a simple task - so I'll wait for more noise on this suggestion before prioritizing it. Because I am concerned changing the behaviour to only dismiss the visible tasks might be annoying for those who wish to clear a long list of events.

  • Ok found a compromise :) I will be adding this feature in the next version to reset/undo all dismissed notifications.

  • Awesome, thank you! You may want to re-phrase that to say "undo," as I think it's clearer. If you didn't just tell me what it's for, I would have no idea what the button is for.

  • Good new I've added this in v28.2

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